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93 Shut Up I Hack You

Thursday 30th August, 2007

I still find this story hilarious.
Rob. April 2015.

This is an apparently true event which happened back in 2005. It is the (frankly hilarious) conversation which took place between an IRC user and self-proclaimed hacker named bitchchecker, who mistakenly believed that he had been kicked off an IRC channel by another user named Elch. The "hacker", childishly (ah!) refusing to believe that he had timed, threatened to hack Elch's PC, and dared Elch to give out his IP address. Elch told bitchchecker that his IP address was It's got to be read. :) This has been translated from the original German.

Edited 16/05/2010: I noticed the original link to was not working, so I replaced it with another link - this story has thankfully been preserved for posterity.