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68 The problem with Vista (and more)

Thursday 22nd March, 2007

An interesting run down of Vista from The Inquirer. This is actually part two, part one is here.

The article repeats a few things that often seem to get overlooked or ignored:

Windows is a security nightmare. The reason we all get thousands of spams, the reason that we have to run virus and anti-spyware checkers that slow our high-power electricity-guzzling scalding-hot PCs down to the speed of the ones they replaced, the reason that the whole Internet is bogged down with sending all those spams, the reason that criminals hold websites to ransom for millions of dollars a year: it is all Windows' fault.

It's because of the hundreds of millions of compromised PCs that form zombie armies, sending spams, participating in distributed-denial-of-service attacks and so on, all without their owners' knowledge. They still work, they're just a bit slower. Who notices? Next year, you just buy a faster one. (With Vista on it.)

Depressing how people will settle for mediocrity, isn't it?