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67 How a music lover became a pirate

Wednesday 21st March, 2007

Does DRM drive honest well-meaning people to piracy? Well, yes it does. Does it affect those who already use pirated music? No, not at all. So, who are the RIAA trying to target?

The following exchange occurs after the author tried to copy legally purchased, DRM-infected .WMA files into iTunes. After failing several times, he calls the support line for the company which sold the files to him:

"You don't understand," I said, "These files were not copied or pirated, I actually purchased them."

"Well" she responded, "You didn't actually purchase the files, you really purchased a license to listen to the music, and the license is very specific about how they can be played or listened to."

Now I was baffled. "Records never came with any such restrictions," I said.

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