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36 NSA involvement with Microsoft Vista

Sunday 14th January, 2007

It's interesting looking back on this in light of the Snowdon revelations. And were the NSA involved in "helping Microsoft" with more recent versions of Windows?
Rob. April 2015.

On the face of it, getting the NSA to help with Vista security seems like a pretty good idea. So good, in fact that Microsoft are willing to surreptitiously advertise this fact (in the full knowledge that once the news gets out, it will be broadcast all over the Web in a matter of days) as yet another reason why Vista is going to be so secure.

Microsoft also admit that this is not the first time it has sought help from the NSA. Apparently the NSA has helped with security aspects for the consumer version of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

What they don't acknowledge is the nearly forgotten news that the NSA seems to have had significant input in every version of Windows since the second release of Windows 95. So significant in fact, that some researchers believe that the NSA were allowed to plant back doors in these operating systems.

So now when you read that Microsoft is and has been repeated involved with the NSA, for "security enhancement", does it make you feel more, or less secure?